Our ministers are all full-time in the ministry, pastoring, teaching and traveling ministers of the gospel using every resource available to spread the Gospel to the French Speaking World.

Laura, (an American), and I, John, (a Brit), have been preaching the Gospel in France since September 1984.  With more than 30 years on the mission field & 36 years of marriage our heart is to encourage everyone to find & fulfill their destiny in God.


Our four mandates:

1) The Local church
2) The printed page
3) Rhema Bible Training College in French
4) Teaching and preaching the Word around the world

1) The Local church:  We started “Victoire Centre Chretien” in Nice, France in March 1985.  We are currently in transition as we hand over to our son-in-law & daughter in January 2018.  Philippe & Rebecca Boulanger are both 2012 Rhema France graduates.
There Is no success with out successors!

We aren't retiring but refiring. After 32 years of pastoring we will be investing much more in the following

2) The printed page: Our team have translated and printed more than 40 teaching books in the French language. We are working on e-books & audio books.

3) Rhema Bible Training College in French:  Training nationals to reach their own all over the French-spealing world. We are also training up French-speaking graduates to teach in each of the French schools.

4) Teaching the Word:  Across France, Switzerland and the French-speaking world in local churches and national conferences. We specialise on the Family, Healing, and Faith.

We also believe every missionary is mandated to return home to stir the church for missions.

Would you like to be a part of this ongoing adventure with God?

We would be honored to have you as partners with us, through prayer or giving or both. We are handing over the church & the income as pastors so we need partners for the next phase of ministry.

Yours because His,
John & Laura


After graduating in 1987, Ken & Tonja traveled full-time for 5 years ministering in the US, Canada, Mexico, and Europe. They also served for two years as full-time missionaries in the nation of France.

Married on 19 September 2009, Philippe and Rebecca Boulanger's vision is to build up believers, families and the Church, extending God's Kingdom across the earth. Based in Nice, France, they have an international ministry, having preached and taught the Gospel in the 3 continents of Europe, Africa and North America.