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CARS - John & Laura
We have had 2 cars in the past 30 years and it's time for a new one. Our current Toyota is 17 years old and has been a tremendous blessing. We are looking at getting a 2/3 year old car and need around $15,000.
Pastors Philippe & Rebecca Boulanger also need a larger car for their growing family. They need $10,000
We have travelled a lot to Geneva and Paris over the past 11 years on planes. Low cost companies have made it both less expensive and much less tiring to fly than to drive. However to go minister across France and Switzerland we are going to be doing a lot more driving. Starting in January so it's time to get a new (at least to us) car. 
Ministry trips in France and Switzerland
Driving across France has a cost. We go to minister without asking for anything except the  privilege of sharing the word. This is necessary if we really want to make a change in this beautiful country. The churches that most need us couldn't afford to have us in. Most pastors work full-time jobs and believe that is the only way to do it here.
Petrol is over $7 a gallon. And all the major roads are toll roads. They are wonderfully kept but also expensive. So a ministry trip could cost anything from $300-500.
Traveling to Africa - our goal is to help start Rhema Bible training colleges in each of the 13 African nations. The cost of flights and hotels 
Each trip will cost anything from $3000 for 1 or $5000 for 2. For our scouting/ preliminary trips 



The books we are working on getting translated and printed at the moment:

  1. “The Midas Touch” by Kenneth E. Hagin
  2. “Right wrong thinking” by Kenneth E. Hagin 
  3. “Learning to forget” by Kenneth E. Hagin 
  4. “Tongues – beyond the upper room” by Kenneth E. Hagin 
We are re-formatting teaching books
On Spiritual gifts, Prayer and Faith

New mini book 1000 copies = 1500€ = $1800
Welcome to the family of God 1000 copies will cost 2500€ = $3000


turning all our books into Ebooks:

Each mini book costs 30 € to put in shape and up x 20 = 600€

Then the larger books between 150€ & 300€ x 10 = 2000€

Audio Books:

Putting all our books in audio form for audio books, specially for those who can not read.

Greater European Book project:

We are part of the French side of the greater european book project.

(25 books in 30 different languages for the Rhema campuses), We already have 18 out of the 25 completed and in print in French you can partner with us to finance the french side of that project.

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Financial Partners