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The books we are working on getting translated and printed at the moment:

  1. “The Midas Touch” by Kenneth E. Hagin
  2. “Right wrong thinking” by Kenneth E. Hagin 
  3. “Learning to forget” by Kenneth E. Hagin 
  4. “Tongues – beyond the upper room” by Kenneth E. Hagin 


turning all our books into Ebooks:

Each mini book costs 30 € to put in shape and up x 20 = 600€

Then the larger books between 150€ & 300€ x 10 = 2000€

Audio Books:

Putting all our books in audio form for audio books, specially for those who can not read.

Greater European Book project:

We are part of the French side of the greater european book project.

(25 books in 30 different languages for the Rhema campuses), We already have 18 out of the 25 completed and in print in French you can partner with us to finance the french side of that project.

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